Sani Con Overview


Sani Con  Turbo Systems

By Thetford

‘Sani Con  Turbo 300

Sani-Con® Turbo 300 is designed to work on all RV types, but will be especially useful on travel trailers where a permanent installation on the sewer outlet is not possible.

Campers in this category have sewer outlets mounted under the body but have no room for a permanent installation of the macerating pump. The “Tank Buddy” comes with its own handy storage box, allowing users to safely store it after use.


Sani Con Turbo 400s

Sani-Con® Turbo 400S is a bayonet mount waste evacuation system. The compact size of the pump allows for a permanent installation without cutting the sewer outlet of the RV.


Sani Con Turbo 600s

The system is designed for Class A motorhomes. The storage bay on these RVs has the ideal height, with enough clearance for installing the pump and attaching the sewer inlet hose to the outlet. In addition, easy access to gray and black water valve pulls is available.


Sani Con Turbo Accessories


                                         1 1/2 ” Replacement / Extension hose             1 1/2 ” Nozzle



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about the right Sani Con Turbo application for your RV.  **