Carefree Patio Awnings


At Talin RV we offer a wide arrangement of patio awnings for RV’owners. From manual to automatic deployment and from standard vinyl to acrylic fabrics in a multitude of colors, we are confident we can find the correct patio awning for your RV. You can also accessorize your new patio awning with LED lights and even remote control. Explore the top sellers we have listed below and be sure and contact us if you have any questions. 

The Mirage

110V Mirage with Direct Response Electronics

Includes easy-to-use controls and the Motion Detection System. The Mirage is the only box awning that has a system to detect canopy motion, the most important element to prevent wind damage. The Mirage automatically retracts when the canopy reaches a certain level of movement – you determine the movement level on the control panel.

Designed specifically for RV use, Carefree’s Mirage is the strongest, most durable lateral arm box awning available. Robust, sturdy lateral arms support the elegant acrylic canopy and lead rail.

Carefree uses only the most reliable, proven and trusted components available. For worry-free use, easy-to-use controls are located inside your RV, there’s no guessing when operating the Mirage… You control extension and retraction.

The Eclipse

Eclipse is the industry’s 1st 12V power awning that features instant pitch adjustments!

Push and hold the button to extend the Eclipse to partial or full 8′ extension in just seconds. As the billow-proof worm-gear motor unrolls the canopy, the rafter arms glide up the vertical track on the side of the coach to deploy a stable, truss-like, overhead support.

Push and hold the button to retract and the Eclipse will roll up tight against the coach. That’s it! There’s nothing to lock or latch. Carefree’s exclusive worm-gear drive motor locks the roller for travel and provides the greatest assurance of absolute protection against billowing.

Buy a complete Eclipse or upgrade your existing Carefree or A&E roller assembly with a 12V Eclipse Arm Set!

The Fiesta 

A Premium Awning at a Great Price!

Talin RV’s # 1 seller, the Fiesta Awning looks better, lasts longer and has proven itself over and over again with years of rugged outstanding performance over competitive spring loaded awning brands. The Fiesta features the strongest arm channels and highest quality fabrics available. Don’t settle for the competitor’s less rigid awnings – Demand the Fiesta Awning for complete peace.